Trasylol, manufactured by Bayer Pharmaceuticals was one of the most common drugs used during heart bypass surgeries for the last 14 years. However in 2007, the FDA recalled Trasylol because it was found that it is directly linked to causing kidney failure and complications in those who were administered the drug. Trasylol was once the most popular drug used in heart bypass surgeries to control the amount of blood. It is very important to control the amount of blood during a heart bypass surgery because the surgeon needs easy and clear access to the heart so that they can bypass the arteries to relieve the pressure on the heart allowing sufficient blood flow. Once it was found out that Trasylol caused kidney failure, people starting realizing that a drug caused their ailments, not by coincidence. The worst part about this entire event is the fact that Bayer Pharmaceuticals knew about the deadly effects two years before the FDA found out about it. The truth of the matter is that for every month that Bayer knew that Trasylol was on the market causing kidney failure, 20,000 people died.

After the recall was announced, Trasylol attorneys were being flooded with claims about the use of Trasylol during their heart bypass surgery that caused their kidney failure. Trasylol attorneys have been advising their clients to keep all of their documentations of their surgeries and what was done to help their kidney complications. Trasylol attorneys are also urging those who have suffered from acute kidney failure to seek a second recommendation from a reputable doctor. In doing this you can find out if everything was done to help and treat your kidney complication was done. For Trasylol lawyers are saying that the true effects of Trasylol are much worse than they may seem to someone not victimized by the drug. The thought of going into an invasive surgery and coming out if it with a whole different symptom that is fatal is unimaginable. Trasylol attorneys are trying to spread the awareness of the complication from Trasylol to the masses because the reality of it is that it is not common for patients to inquire about the drug used during surgery. The fact of the matter is that victims of the drug are finding out about the complications everyday because they had do idea what type of drug was used during their surgery.

If Trasylol has directly affected you or a loved one, contact a Trasylol attorney as soon as possible. A Trasylol attorney had the superior product knowledge in dealing with this type of case that gives them a competitive advantage over Bayer Pharmaceuticals and other lawyers. A Trasylol attorney will be able to stand up for you in a court of law and try to gain you the best settlement possible to cover your medical expenses, loss of wages, and even pain and suffering. Don???t let another pharmaceutical conglomerate take over you life, and contact a Trasylol attorney today.

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